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The Hideaway Cafe & Recording Studio is St Petersburg's Original Listening Room! The Hideaway Cafe is an original music venue offering craft beer & wine and a simple, yet mouthwatering menu. Come catch an original (often live-recorded) showcase from some of the most talented local & nationally touring musicians.

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Chasing Jonah


Chasing Jonah

Fronted by singer-songwriter Ashley Dudukovich, Chasing Jonah is a Florida based alternative / indie rock project. Hailed for her wide range of vocal ability, Dudukovich is the original writer, lyricist, and composer of the project. After raising over $15,000 through Kickstarter in 2013, Chasing Jonah released her debut album “Prelude” in May 2014. This collaborative and fully-orchestrated project produced by Brock Berryhill and Evan Coffman brought with it a critically acclaimed music video and launched an unexpected, whirlwind tour.

Faced with the choice of keeping a nine-to-five or pursuing her dreams, Dudukovich packed up her car with what little she had and hit the road. Traveling non-stop for nine months, Dudukovich introduced “Prelude” to audiences in cities across the Southeast and at one point even found herself stranded in a small town in Tennessee. The tour was a huge risk with no steady source of income, no clear destination and only the kindness of strangers to rely upon for food, lodging, and support. Now, with an established and passionate fan base that relates to her music on a personal level, Dudukovich is introducing her new single ‘Paycheck’ as a follow up to Prelude in the hopes of inspiring others and sharing her experiences.

Released on 9.18.15, ‘Paycheck’ comes from the perspective of an artist that gives up everything for what she believes in. Representative of the everyday struggle of dreamers & visionaries that fight to make a difference in the world, it was written as a reminder for all; that those who create are much more than a paycheck.